My experience working at ELLE magazine photoshoot

Hi guys, how are you all? I know you guys must be wondering why I just decided to post this post now. Well as some of you might know that I spent my summer in San Fracisco enjoying the city, the food and of course partying like a true amanican ;).

Just before I left for my trip I had an opportunity to assist an amazing make-up artist NARS International Lead Make-up Stylist Jane Richardson for one of the worlds leading fashion and beauty magazine ELLE.

On Monday the 3rd June I woke up at 5am that is super early for me, it definitely wasn’t typical Monday morning I was so excited not knowing what to expect. I quickly Jumped in the shower and got ready I put on one of my many black dresses and made my way down to the Essex train station to catch my 6.30am train.

The studio is in Islington one of the poshest area in London. I was lead by the receptionist to ELLE magazine studio on the second floor where Jane and the team were setting up. As soon as I entered the studio everyone was smiling, friendly, warm and welcoming definitely made me feel less nervous.

At 9am on the dot Jane started to prep the models skin with Nars radiant skincare, behind the scene top tip “To get that natural radiant skin apply Nars brightening serum under the foundation and apply it again over the foundation, and that will give you a natural radiant form from within” – Jane.

I had such a good time one of a life time experience, I’ve learnt so much and I am so inspired to keep going. Assisting Jane was my dream come true I’ve always been inspired by her work, as a person and her energy. I would love all of you guys to meet her. If you are an inspired makeup artist or just starting out in the industry, she will give you the best advice that money can not buy and properly inspire you to be the best that you can be.

That is how she make me feel every time I had a chance to speak to her.

Follow Jane on Twitter @NARSJane



10/04/2013 · 9:31 pm

2 responses to “My experience working at ELLE magazine photoshoot

  1. Wow, what an awesome opportunity for you! You go, girl!

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