4th July Firework in Fort Bragg Ocean View

The 4th of July cerebration was last week but couple of days after the paraders here in Fort Bragg have the biggest BBQ call The large Salmon BBQ at Noyo Harbor. Later the same evening the town had more cerebration of the 4th July with some colorfully firework.

4th july

4th july firework totally-love-it.com

We had a place so close to the cliff  that if we take couple more steps we could fall off, the view was amazing facing the Oceans view, feeling the cold breeze on our faces. We had to wait for about an hour or so for sun to go down and for the sky to get a bit more darker, while we was waiting I looked down under the Noyo Harbor Bridge there was load of bloomfire and campfire basically where all the party are at. Wish I could of know early so I could join the party ;).

To share this memorial day with you guys I’ve made a short video from the start before the sun set till after dark, definitely a place to visit next year for your holiday.

Would love to know your thought 🙂


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07/13/2013 · 4:57 am

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