Shopping in Downtown San Francisco…

I had spend my first 2 days to in Downtown San Francisco doing some both shopping and  window shopping 🙂 I must say ‘Downtown’ is any girls best friend!  There are 200 or more of shops  with amazing department store like Westfiled , Bloomingdale, Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few.

Union sq SFO

NOTE: Ensure to bring your own reusable shopping bag , in every shop in San Francisco and The Bay area are change 10-20$ for a bag it dosent matte how big or small the item is still change for a bag!. This is to help save the environment in San Francisco.  

NOTE: It is 8% or more on TAX on top of the selling price on all products except on food. 

Lunch at union sq

To travel around I mainly using the MUNI train. Muni is running under and over ground all around San Francisco and  The Bay areas, it is dosent run that frequency like the London Underground so if you missed your train you can wait up to 15 minutes which I had to wait that long 😦  not to mention that the MUNI is stop in the middle of the street, to get on and off I had to walked in the middle of the street but the good things over here in the San Francisco and California is that the cars had to stop for people to walk pass. So in another words people just  cross the road whenever and where ever they want it part of the LAW!.

The price is pretty reasonable too for the fare it cost only 2$ which the ticket can be used to travel anywhere on MUNI  with 2 hours, train line are also pretty simple too it had 6 color cording that will take you to a different directions.


MUNI map


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