TOTALLY-LOVE-IT: Happy Pancake day

Pancake day

Hi guys, Happy Pancake day!!!

My boyfriend and I was so excited this Morning, We ran to our kitchen as soon as we wake up. So there what We’ve made this morning 🙂

  How we TOTALL made our Pancake:

  • I bought Pancake mix from the supermarket and then added  3 eggs and glass of water
  • Mix all the ingredients together and then lightly oil a frying pan and heat until VERY hot
  •  When the pan is hot added a serving spoon full  into the pan
  • Cook for one minute until the underside is golden brown before turning it over to cook the other side until golden brown
  • Then I spread Nutella in between layers of the pancakes
  • Add a tea spoon full of honey to the top layer
  • Then I added together a handful of Blueberry and Raspberry, drizzle with Greek style yoghurt



What you have on your pancake?


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02/12/2013 · 12:05 pm

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