TOTALLY-LOVEIT AT BEHIND THE SCENE: TOP SHOP photoshoot with Louise Thompson


In November I had an opportunity to assist an amazing Make-up Artist  Michelle Gataric. An international Make-up Artist from Australia, London, Paris, Milan and New York. At the moment she stopped in London before she leave us.  Michelle is  part of the CHANEL crew show where she worked very closely with Peter Phillip creative director for CHANEL.
I’ve known Michelle for about a year now, I’m so grateful she is an awesome friend and amazing Make-up Artist I’ve learnt so much from her being her assistant.
My alarm went of at 6 AM, gosh! It was way to early for me to wake up, I quickly jumped in the shower and then got ready made my way down to Chelsea.  When I go to the location I’ve was told that the model for this photoshoot will be  Louise Thompson, reality T.V star from  Made in Chelsea.
 I was so nervous  meeting a Celebrity, it is a big deal and then having to do their make-up is an even bigger deal!
The photoshoot went really well it was a long day but everyone at the shoot was amazingly nice so it kind of made the day go faster. Louise is such a lovely person, down to earth and so easy to get on with.
Here are some images from behind the scene: IwtJWEK8HRThCREE8uEtlUd8VQRVeXIRkOLzd6JXi3g[2] L3FjXZzcUls20pr9pzC7Y3EBOpR1iFbhtsKqyu3cGkI[2] OPecywHs8PuvwsATyQ1faF63ZbefEgYb4DS4nKbF7ec[1] pqbracwAAOH5wYoN9LLBOOuPcT3f9TJu8MIOoz9HADY[2] X2ZLF7dDx_CymGCkTrpLMMpNQuFOhs7sZR1tneQHsF8[1]

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12/24/2012 · 10:48 am

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