REVIEW: Bioderma Solution Micellaire


This is one of the product that I’ve been waiting to get my hand on for a very long time. It had such an amazing review online and offline. So for me I just wanted to find out if it actually that good! I came across this product in Watson a pharmacy store in Thailand.  I think it cost around 800 Bath that is around £16 for  100ML. For me I think that is very expensive  for make-up remover,  I don’t normally  spend more then £5 on make-up remover because I wear make-up everyday so make-up remover is an essential item for me and I use a large amount of it. About the brand and why its so popular :

The Laboratoire Dermatologique BIODERMA, based in Lyon, France, develops and markets, in close collaboration with dermatologists and renowned institutional research centers (CNRS, INSERM, CHU, Universities, …), dermo-cosmetic products intended for medical prescription and medicinal consultancy.

Information from How I use it: Loaded cotton pad with Bioderma make-up remover and place that on the eye, waited for a couple second and remove the cotton pad. NOTE:When you doing this make sure not to move the cotton pad back and forth because the movement can crease fine lines under the eyes. I was amazed of how good it is, it remover all of my eye make-up and it leave my eyes felt moisturise and refresh it had a light perfume smell that it not over powering. It even get rid of waterproof eyeliner. Overall I do like this make-up remover but I dont think I will be re-buy it again just simply because i wear make-up everyday and i go though bottles of make-up remover like i mention early that £5 is my budget that i spend on make-up remover and also think that Bioderma is very expensive and there are alternative product in the market.



11/22/2012 · 8:18 pm

2 responses to “REVIEW: Bioderma Solution Micellaire

  1. Nice to know that Bioderma is a trusted brand. I was contemplating on getting some products from them. Great blog, by the way! 🙂

    • Hi Grace, thank you so much for taking your time to read my Blog. Defo give it a try, they have some amazing products.
      And remeber to let me know how you get on with them 🙂

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