Sorry I’ve been away, but NOW I AM BACK!!!!

Hi guys Im sorry I’ve been gone for a LONG time I do apology  here is a quick update on what Ive been up too.

September 12:

I went back to Thailand on Holiday for 2 weeks with my Mum and my Boyfriend. It was amazing!! It is the first time my boyfriend been to Thailand and it was really nice that he get to met all of my family. It was also 2 weeks of intense translation and showing Andrew ( my boyfriend) around. For the first week We stay at a city called Khon khaen, the city that I grow-up until the age of 10 before moved to England.

The second week We went to Pataya for Party and clubbing and then Bangkok for shopping.

Just one day after landed in England, London I had to go on a freelance job up in Birmingham. Is a private Fashion show at the shopping mall called The Mail Box, here are so,e pictures from backstage and also Images of the models I did the Makeup for:

October 2012

Since We got back from Thailand, my boyfriend and I both agree to tale the relationship to the next level. So we both agree to rent a flat and moved in together. It had been just over 2 weeks now that we have been living together so we both just getting settling down to our new flat in London. As son as Ive got everything in place I cannot wait to get posting again.

Also just yesterday I was assistant  at The 3D show London. It was such an amazing show, showcase the new and latest 3D equipments. Here are the Images:

The blog to be back in November with many more new Make-up Looks and many more of products review please do bare with me.

one last thing before I go please do  coming and join my facebook page at:

Twitter: @totallytanny



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