Stila Self-adjusting Coral

Self-Adjusting Coral 

Stila Self-adjusting blusher in Coral £13 (5g)

Just the name by it self it was a selling point for me. Ive never seem a self-adjusting blusher before so this is really interested for me to try and plus it is an amazing ideas to have in  my freelance kit. This blusher is create to work with your PH balance in your skin, and it will customize the color to suit your skin so if this blusher is used on 10 different skin tones it will give 10 different ‘Corals’. When I got home I was can not wait to try it.

My first impression of this blusher, it looked like a very strong pigmented color and it contain sliver shimmer very fine so I didn’t really mind. With my blusher brush I apply the blush on the apple of my cheek, I find that I had to go over my cheeks with the blusher 2-3 times for the color to show-up on my skin, the texture is very soft and easy to blend. The color is perfect for the summer, wearable and it will look amazing with a coral, pink, brown and even a raspberry lipsticks.

I would really recommit you guys to go try this blusher it come in 2 different colors and a bronzer. I defo will take this blusher on holiday with me as I think that it will work if my skin is darker or even can use it when my skin is lighter during the winter time. One blusher will last for all season all year round. I TOTALLY LOVE IT I would defo go back and get the different 2 colors for myself x

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2 responses to “Stila Self-adjusting Coral

  1. Such a pretty colour! Looks great on you!

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