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Hi guys I’m so sorry it been awhile since I last update. I hope you all well and enjoying the summer, in London for the past couple of days it had been so nice.

I did defo enjoy my hour lunch in the sun :).  Last wednesday on the 24th the amazing Karl Lagerfeld had lounge his new signature collection at Selfridges, London.

I was such an amazing experience for me to meet the man himself, the ideas behind Channel. Selfridges was full of inspire people who was waiting to meet Karl.

You can check out more information on Karl Lagerfeld at

For the next 3 weeks London will be the most busies city in England and that is because  of the 2012 OLYMPICS. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see the Olympics Torch last Oxford street, London most world known shopping street.  Enjoy the olympics everyone, Good Luck to all of the Olympics team and also GO TEAM GB!!!


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