Brown eyes


  • ILLAMASQUA Rich Liquid Foundation in RF320
  • Nars Concealer in Ginger
  • Nars loose power in Beach


  • Sleek contour kit in Dark
  • Nars blusher in Lovejoy


  • Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow base
  • Urban Decay Naked1 platte in ‘ Half baked’
  • Nars  ‘Coconut Grove’
  • Nars duo in ‘Pandora’
  • Benefit Bad gal liner in black


  • Nars Cat flight lipstick

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Thank you

Tanny x



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2 responses to “Brown eyes

  1. michelle.rodgers

    Hi, I think I am about your coloring, I currently use the Illamasqua Skinbase foundation in 15 and it matches my skin perfectly. I was thinking of purchasing the Rich Liquid foundation as well (since illamasqua is having a huge sale)…is rich liquid 320 the same as skinbase 15? If not, I was thinking if I purchased rich liquid in 240 and 320, I could mix them to find me perfect shade. Please tell me your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for you comment. With both ranges of Illamasqua foundation in come in completely different colour so if you’re using No.15 on skin based it is not necessary mean that you will be the same colour on Rich Liquid foundation because of the different  formulation of the foundation.
      I don’t thnk you should buy 2 of Rich Liquid foundation I’m sure that they will have your colour as the range if quie big. If you have 2tones of your face try and match it to your darker colour.
      My advice will be : try the foundation on your forehead if the foundation give you the grey finish that mean its too light for you but if the foundation is naturally blended into your forehead that’s mean its the perfect colour for you.
      Forehead is a darker area then the rest of your face so it is the best place to try on foundation also if you have combination skin/oily skin it the best place to test and see of the foundation will oxidizing. 
      I hope that is the answer that you’re looking for and hope it help you in some way.
      If anything else I can advice you on please feel free to left me a comment again.

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