Boots NO7 Radiance boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser Review


Hi guys welcome back. As a makeup artist i have to wear quite a lots of makeup thought out the day and also having oily skin is not helping me to wear less makeup at all :(, as i enjoy putting makeup on in the morning and also love taking it off at night so I’m always on the reach for the best skin care and facial cleanser. Over the year i have try hundred of cleanser and cream, toner etc…

I had come across No.7 hot cloth cleanser (£10)  it sounded interested, spa luxury product at home at the affordable price. It have a very good review from people who had used it before so I thought I might give it a try too (I had a £5 voucher off), I paid £5 for it BARGAIN!!!

After a week of using this product I most say that Im not impress with it at all, I put a pump of the cleanser on to my hand and massage it over my (dry) skin, then run the cloth under comfortable hot water wring off the water. Then i remove the cleanser with the cloth it felt good at this point but after i remove all the cleanser of my skin, i feel that the cloth was little too scratchy for my skin and the product is so FRAGRANCED, the smell kind of put me off it as well.

Over all I don’t think this product is for me I find the cloth is too scratchy for my skin and after finish cleaning it still leave me feel like I still have makeup left on my skin it dosent make my skin feel clean and also it had too much fragrance it rather make my feel a little sick from the smell.

Again this is just my opinion and my experience of using this product,AMAZING if this product work for you but it didnt work for me like i hope it would.

Im still on reaching for the best cleanser, so there may be more cleaner review coming your way soon. Take care and see you next time,

Tanny xx


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