Wednesday  morning at 11.45am my door bell rang, I was half asleep walked to the door with my morning breath and messy hair. I opened the door and there it was a package for me outside my door step. What could it be? thats was the first question that come in my sleepy head, so I ran back inside the house and literally rip the box apart. It package with a black paper bag and inside the bag there is a small white box with a black  bow ribbon around it. Quick open it!! There it was my OLSEN black ankle boots that I order from
 In the box there is a small black pouch, inside it’s a small ring with a Thank you note from the Stylist pick team also a picture of the boots it can be stick outside the box, like they do on Fashion week or Designer Lookbook. How’s cute!!
The quality  of the boots was amazing and was so comfortable,  free delivery it said on the website that it might take up to 3-5-working day but I got my the next day. Over all I was really impressed with the customer service at they made me feel like I’m was really been looking after and the appreciation gift made me feel really appreciated for shopping with them. Which I think it’s very important for  me as the first time buyer from the website to feel the personal touch from the stylistpick team.


Toally Tanny xoxo



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  1. mel.

    LOVE these boots! I am obsessed with shoes and these are amazing!! And that little gift they gave you is so cute!!

    Mel. x

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