I dont know what it is but when it come down to makeup i get overly excited, even more excited when it come down to NARS, the amazing pigment and choices of colors.

Adding to my makeup collection I picked up:

  • Loose power in Beach and Sheer Matte foundation in Barcelona, Those two products is my favorites products at the moment.

  •  Blusher in Taj Mahal (burnt orange with shimmer) and Zen (Neutral beige)

Taj Mahal is an amazing color for any skin tones especially for a darker skin, a small touch of the color on the cheeks, it will give you a heathy glowing finish.

Zen also an amazing color to use to control you cheek bones instant of using a bronzer, some bronzer contain abit of shimmer but  Zen give a matte finish on the skin. Matte is very important espectally if you want to enhance the cheeks bone, shimmer will make the cheek bone appear bigger.

DUO eyeshadow ; Demon Lover ( Iridescent storm blue & Deep indigo)

DUO eyeshadow ; Eurydice (Electric aubergine & graphite)

DUO eyeshadow ; Habanera ( Mint frost & sparkling charcoal plum)

Sing eyeshadow ; Zardoz (Matte black)



Totally Tanny xoxo


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